A Flea Market You Do Not Want To Miss, The Hotel Of Horror Awaits You

A haunted house may not be the first place you would expect to find a flea market, but this weekend, the Hotel of Horror has opened its grounds to vendors for a great cause.

On Saturday, May 21, and Sunday, May 22 only, the Hotel of Horror Flea Market is open with proceeds benefiting Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder Fire Company of Saylorsburg.

Marla Ambrosio, who runs Hotel of Horror, is happy to host, saying, “Its a flea market here on the property. It benefits blue ridge hook and ladder fire company. Each independent seller Purchases the booth for $25 for two days, which is steel, and the $25 goes directly to blue ridge hook and ladder and whatever they sell here is theirs to keep. We do have a lot of sellers who return each season when we do this,” said Ambrosio.

The flea market runs from 8 AM to 3 PM. Dozens of vendors have reserved spaces. They will be fully-booked this yearly event, taking place on the hotel of horror lawn. Vendors include crafter/artisan, vintage/antique, household yard sale/garage sale items, and more!

Sabrina Rosol, a local author, has a booth promoting her book called “Hope”, and will be showcasing art from her daughter, “The day has been going well. She sold some paints, I’ve sold some books, and there has been a lot of traffic,” said Rosol.

If you are interested in attending this year’s flea market, tomorrow is the last day. Be sure to stop in and support local vendors.

Location: 5105 Cherry Valley Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353, United States

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