Burglaries, Car Thefts, And Motor Vehicle Pursuits Lead To Arrests In The Poconos

A crime spree within the Mount Pocono area ends with multiple felony charges.

According to the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department, On May 28, a gray Toyota Camry fled police after failing to stop leading to a pursuit in Coolbaugh Township. After coming to a stop, four individuals fled from the vehicle, which was determined to have been stolen from Burks Tavern in Mt. Pocono. A search revealed a stolen handgun and a cell phone belonging to a 15-year-old juvenile male. The search also revealed a connection between the juvenile and one Shateek Burks.

On June 13, Detectives from Pocono Mountain Regional Police responded to a burglary at A-1 Auto in Mt. Pocono. Police determined that the business had been broken into, and a BMW X3 was stolen from the property. Later that day, the vehicle was located in A Pocono Country Place with three suspects inside. The next day, police responded to a burglary in progress at Pure Auto in Mt. Pocono as a male had broken into the business and was attempting to steal a BMW from the lot. Officers arrived as the male was exiting the rear of the building leading to a foot pursuit in which the suspect was able to evade police. Through video analysis, police developed Shateek Burks as a suspect in these burglaries, positively identifying Burks through past police contacts.

On June 15, Police responded to a residence in A Pocono Country Place after a homeowner found a Mercedes Benz parked in his detached garage. It was determined that the vehicle had been stolen from A- 1 Auto on the same date as the BMW. Police were able to forensically link Burks to the stolen cars through the physical processing of the vehicles.

On June 22, Police responded to a broken-down Audi SUV left on the travel lane of State Route 196 near Ryans Road, later determined to have been stolen earlier that day from Precision Auto in Mt. Pocono. A witness was able to positively identify Burks and the juvenile as the persons in possession of the Audi. Other witnesses said the suspects had left the vehicle, walking towards A Pocono Country Place. While investigating the stolen Audi, a Ford Focus was stolen in A Pocono Country Place. After police responded to the stolen Ford Focus, they were called to another residence within the community. A homeowner observed a suspicious vehicle pull into her driveway. The vehicle was determined to be the stolen Ford Focus. The homeowner then described the two males in possession of the Ford Focus as the same as the known description of Burks and the juvenile. Police then went to the known home of the juvenile within A Pocono Country Place.

Upon arrival, police observed the juvenile upon the deck of the home, who quickly retreated into the house. Police then formed a perimeter around the house and made contact with one Jahlea Gary. Police requested that Gary have the juvenile exit the home and asked if anyone else was within the home. Gary denied that the juvenile was within the home and stated that it was only her and her sisters within the house. Police advised Gary that the juvenile, along with Shateek Burks, were now wanted in connection with the crime spree. Gary continued refusing to produce the juvenile and denied that Burks was in the home. After some time, police the juvenile exited the home. Along with the juvenile, Gary, who was out on $15,000 bail for Conspiracy to commit Robbery, was then taken into custody.

After the juvenile’s exit, Burks jumped from a rear window, running past perimeter officers who engaged in a foot pursuit. The foot pursuit went on for an extended time throughout the J, K, and L sections of the community. During this time, Burks phone was dying, so he asked a friend to bring him a charger. Burks friend, a 17-year-old juvenile, then bought him the charger. During this time, police observed Burks in the company of his friend and ordered the two to stop. While both fled, the 17-year-old was apprehended while Burks escaped the area. Police later located Burks at his mother’s residence within the Snowshoe Condominiums. A search warrant led to police obtaining evidence linking Burks to many of the crimes that had taken place during the crime spree.

Burks has been charged with multiple felonies, including Burglary, Conspiracy to Receive Stolen Property, Receiving Stolen Property, Firearms not to be carried without a license, Theft, Criminal Trespass, and Flight to Avoid Apprehension. He was arraigned and committed to Monroe County Correctional Facility under $50,000 bail.

Gary has been charged with Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution, Obstruction of Justice, and Resisting Arrest. She was arraigned and committed to Monroe County Correctional Facility under $10,000 bail.

The 15-year-old juvenile has been charged through the Juvenile system with burglary, theft, and receiving allegations. The juvenile was committed to a juvenile detention facility. An allegation will be filed against the 17-year-old for Hindering Apprehension and related charges. This juvenile was released to his parents.

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