Cold Showers: Devoid of Pleasure, Full of Benefits

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a hot shower and having it suddenly turn ice cold. The instant chill makes you gasp in surprise and hurriedly step away from the stream of water to avoid the icy spray. Although, there are actually many people who embrace the frigid temperatures and make cold showers a part of their daily routine, and they are enjoying some pretty great health benefits because of it.

According to, an informational health outlet reviewed by MDs, cold showers possess an extensive list of benefits. Some of the most notable include:

  • Increased Circulation – The cold water constricts circulation on the surface of the body, forcing the blood in deeper tissues to circulate faster
  • Reduced Muscle Soreness – Athletes can often be seen taking ice baths after a grueling game or workout. A cold shower can be used to take its place. A cold shower helps reduce inflammation and, as a result, lessens the toll that an intense workout would inflict on your body.
  • Weight Loss – Some cells generate heat by burning fat. The cells begin this process when exposed to cold conditions such as the ones provided by a frigid shower. Meaning that a cold shower won’t only help you get clean but will also help you get lean.
  • Better Skin and Hair – Cold showers don’t dry out the sebum layer, the natural barrier that protects your skin and hair. As a result, your skin and hair will begin to look healthier over time.

Taking a cold shower is a healthy lifestyle choice, although arguably one of the least comfortable. If you can stand a brisk plunge under some arctic waters taking a spot in your daily routine, then you can reap some great health benefits from it. Just remember to take a few deep breaths and close your eyes before hopping in.

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