Company Forced To Pay $1.7 Million For Failing To Honor Warranty Contracts

When you purchase an extended warranty with your new vehicle, you expect a peace of mind for years to come. Unfortunately, that was not the case for customers of Delta Auto Protect.

PENNSYLVANIA STATE | On Sept. 19th, 2022, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Omega Vehicle Services, LLC, which did business as Delta Auto Protect, along with its manager Charles Seruya, will pay more than $1.7 million in restitution for violating consumer protection laws.

According to the Attorney General’s findings, consumers purchased vehicle service contracts priced between $1000 to 3000 from Delta Auto, understanding that necessary auto repairs would be covered throughout the agreed-upon period. However, Delta Auto failed to honor their contracts by denying claims when consumers sought coverage or reimbursement or became unresponsive with some repair shops and consumers claiming to have attempted to contact Omega Vehicle Services and Delta Auto Protect over one hundred times without success. Despite the company advertising 24/7 customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee, consumers were forced to cover their repair bills at their own expense.

“Consumers were falsely led to believe that, in signing a contract, their vehicle repairs would be covered,” said AG Shapiro. “Instead, Delta Auto Protect blocked consumers at every turn, denying claims, withholding services, and doing everything they could to deny refunding consumers. Giving consumers the run around like that isn’t just dishonest, it’s illegal. My office is always ready to take action and get hard-working families their money back.”

The court order provides $1,734,314.53 for customer restitution, $17,698.15 for business restitution, and $1,000 civil penalties for each consumer protection law violation – totaling $826,000. Delta Auto and Seruya are also banned from operating in the Commonwealth or selling service contracts to Pennsylvania consumers. Delta Auto and Seruya must pay the Commonwealth within 30 days before the consumer restitution process will begin. 

“Customers of Delta Auto Protect who believe they may have been a victim of deceptive sales tactics should reach out to my office as soon as possible,” said AG Shapiro. “Before November 11th to qualify for restitution.”

Consumers with service contracts purchased through Delta Auto or anyone believing they may have been harmed by the unlawful business practices of Delta Auto are urged to submit a complaint online or by phone at 800-441-2555 by Friday, November 11, 2022.