Controversial Zoning Hearing To Take Place In Coolbaugh Township

A developer has applied to the Coolbaugh Township Zoning Hearing Board seeking Special Exception approval for a proposed warehouse. If approved, the warehouse will be constructed near the Tobyhanna creek, which has sparked opposition from concerned township residents.

According to public notice, “The Zoning Hearing Board of Coolbaugh Township will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, June 2, 2022, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Mountain Center located at 354 Memorial Boulevard, Tobyhanna, Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania to consider an application for a special exception use to construct a Warehouse facility in the C-3 Zoning District. The application was submitted by the Lehigh Valley Underground LLC, the equitable owner of the subject property, which is located at 174 Memorial Boulevard, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County.”

This proposed warehouse is being met with opposition. A petition was started to urge the Coolbaugh Township Supervisors to vote no on the special exception approval. The petition says, “Out of state developers want to change the character and landscape of our town by putting an industrial development in a residential area. This development includes a 530,000-sf distribution center and a sprawling truck stop just feet away from our beautiful and pristine Tobyhanna Creek. This industrial use will pollute our thriving cold-water creek and wetlands. It will destroy animal habitat and the diverse woodlands around it.

Right now, Coolbaugh Township zoning prohibits this type of industrial development in residential areas to protect our way of life. The out-of-state developers, who have no ties to our community, are asking the Coolbaugh Township Supervisors to overturn zoning regulations so that they can profit at our expense.  

We, the undersigned, oppose this zoning change and urge Coolbaugh Township Supervisors to vote NO.”

The public hearing is set for Thursday at 6:30 PM at The Mountain Center, 354 Memorial Boulevard, Tobyhanna, PA 18466.

View the petition here.

View the Coolbaugh Township map here.

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