Desaki Owner Announces Plan for Hotel Construction

Desaki, one of the Pocono’s premier hibachi and sushi-based restaurants, is about to receive quite the upgrade. For years, the restaurant has been one of the most popular spots on the mountain. Very rarely is there a day when the parking lot is not filled with patrons. This popularity has not gone unnoticed, and recently the owner of Desaki, Vincent Trapasso, has announced some big changes coming for the popular location.

If you have recently visited Desaki, you may have noticed a large plot of land that has recently been cleared. This is because Desaki is joining the large tourism/vacation market that the Poconos is known for. According to Pocono Television Network, the land behind Desaki will be the new home of “The Swiftwater of the Pocono Mountains,” a 100 room boutique hotel that will include a seat bar, a large meeting room, an indoor/outdoor pool, and an outdoor patio/fire pit that will include a covered walkway to the Desaki restaurant. The official groundbreaking on this construction will commence in about a month’s time.

With this development, the Desaki team will be focusing on other large travel destinations such as Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari. However, according to the Pocono Television Network, “The Swiftwater” will offer unique designs to the Poconos. There will reportedly build and market as an upscale hotel, differentiating it from the other heavy hitters of tourism which are more amusement-based and themed specifically to their established brand.

Along with the construction of “The Swiftwater,” there are reported plans to build a facility named “The Ridge,” which will consist of the construction of 350 townhomes. However, this development is still in the permitting phase.

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