Dubs & Wubs Car Show Has Something For Everyone

Friends, family, and the community came in support of the first-ever Dubs & Wubs car show in Mount Pocono this past Sunday. 

On Sunday, May 29, Pure Euro Motorsport Automotive Specialist in Mount Pocono held its first-ever Dubs & Wubs car show. Participants lined up early in the morning, making sure their vehicles were in top condition for the dozens of guests who came in support of this event running from noon until 7 PM. Featuring a live DJ, vendors including food trucks, tattoo artists, art infusions, and more, this family event had something for everybody. 

Frank Mezzasalma, the owner of Pure Euro Motorsport Automotive Specialist, was happy to bring this event to the community, utilizing his shop as the venue and his production company to provide entertainment. “As a community, we all work together to make it happen. All the DJs donated their time today, this way we can have a great time, and hang out, and it doesn’t cost anybody anything,” said Mezzasalma. “I want to encourage people to come and just walk around to see what we got going on.”

Dwayne Nicolas was a participant in the car show, he also used the event as an opportunity to promote his business, Nicks Odd Jobs. “It’s awesome that a piece of machinery can bring people together and give happiness,” said Nicolas. “The music is great, it brings good energy and gives you the energy to talk to and meet new people. I’m having a great time at this event because it’s unifying, ya know? Plus I got a hot car.”

With the success of Dubs & Wubs, Mezzasalma is currently planning two more car shows with dates announced soon. 

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