East Stroudsburg University Unexpectedly Changes Graduation Date

Today, East Stroudsburg University announced that it will be moving its graduation from Saturday, May 7, to Sunday, May 8, due to inclement weather. Allowing students and their families only two days’ notice to change their graduation plans. ESU previously notified graduates that the ceremony would occur “rain or shine,” raising many questions as to why the university is moving graduation due to a weather-related occurrence.

ESU Students had this to say (last names withheld to protect student identity):

“It’s completely inconsiderate and disrespectful to change the date of graduation to Mother’s Day, considering it was listed as “rain or shine” two days before the ceremony. Not to mention I also found out that they changed the date via their Instagram since I didn’t receive an email until after they made their post. I feel awful for the families -mine included- that booked hotel rooms, flights, reservations, and more and are unable to get their money back. ESU should have thought this one through, but I can’t say I’m surprised” – Shannon

“After trying to contact the school about alternate commencement plans for over a week due to the known rain, it is disappointing that they made this decision last minute without getting feedback from the students earning a degree” – Veronica

On ESU’s social media post regarding the change of date, users commented:

“Why don’t you guys move it inside? Is it so hard to move it inside?”

“ESU: The school where students don’t matter.”

View ESU’s Instagram post here

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