Egg Hoppers – Traditional Sri Lankan Recipe

Hoppers are one of the most popular traditional Sri Lankan foods. There are many different variations of hoppers. Out of them, egg hoppers are the most delicious.

Egg hoppers are made by cracking one or two eggs into the center of the right before steaming them. These hoppers are made in the same pan used to make traditional hoppers. The bowl-bottomed pans come along with handles to make life easy for anyone who makes hoppers. However, you will also be able to use a non-stick frying pan to make egg hoppers.


500g rice flour

One tablespoon of caster sugar

20g of yeast

400ml of coconut cream

Egg whites

Vegetable oil for the pan

One teaspoon of salt


As the first step, you will need to take a bowl and put yeast, coconut cream, and sugar into it. Then you can stir the mixture and leave it on your countertop for a period of around 45 minutes. You need to ensure that the mixture has risen and looks frothy before you move to the next step.

Next, you need to sift rice flour into your mixture and then continue to whisk it until you get a smooth batter. After that, you can cover up the bowl and leave it for a duration of around 4 hours. This would make the batter double in size. However, the time required for rising would vary depending on your room temperature. Hence, it is better to keep it in a warmer environment.

Right before you start cooking, you can beat the egg white with the help of a fork so that they get foamy. Then you can stir them into the hopper mixture along with one teaspoon of salt.

Now you can heat up the hopper pan over high heat and then add vegetable oil. Along with that, you can add around 60ml of your mixture. You need to make sure that a small pool of the mixture is in the center.

Then you can add the egg mixture into the center and steam your hopper for around two to three minutes. You should do this until the center becomes firm and the sides become crisp and golden. Then you can take out the hopper and proceed to make more hoppers with the remaining batter.