Gov. Wolf Continues Push For $2,000 Stimulus Checks

Today, Governor Wolf stopped in Pittsburgh to ask Pennsylvania’s General Assembly to support his stimulus plan. If passed, the PA Opportunity Program would purpose $500 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to provide $2,000 to individuals within households earning $80,000 or less.

“The cost of everything from gas to groceries is a little higher right now than it was just a few weeks ago, and for Pennsylvanians living paycheck to paycheck, even a small increase in expenses can mean painful decisions like paying for food or rent,” said Gov. Wolf. “I see that pain in communities across Pennsylvania and I want to talk about solutions. I want to put $2,000 checks into the hands of Pennsylvanians and families that need it.”

“Now is the time to act, and the bill has already been introduced in the General Assembly,” said Gov. Wolf. “To the Republican leaders in the General Assembly, I say let’s pass this bill now.”

“We have an unprecedented, game-changing amount of federal money available to help Pennsylvanians who are struggling,” said Rep. Emily Kinkead. “Our state residents are experiencing historic price increases because of massive inflation and unchecked corporate greed. A $2,000 check has the power to transform the lives of so many Pennsylvanians and we need to spend the American Rescue Plan dollars soon or return it to the federal government. Why wouldn’t we spend that money as intended – helping the people who need it most? Our Republican majority has refused to work with us on initiatives that would clearly benefit the people – like raising the minimum wage – but they could help Pennsylvanians who have taken a massive pay cut due in inflation by sending out ARPA funds directly to support working families. The time to act is now.”

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