Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Comes To Monroe County

Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority starts a hazardous waste collection event, making disposal of unwanted pollutants safe and easy.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event is coming to Monroe County residents only Wednesday, June 15, 2022, AT 2 PM at two local drop-off locations. The locations are in Stroudsburg, and Swiftwater, PA, for those registered and pay before dropping-off recyclable goods. Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority (WMA) provides a safe, cheap, and effective way to clean out your household waste and keep our environment clean.

According to the WMA, the following are allowed for drop-off:



Motor Oil

Oil Based Paint


Pool Chemicals

Fire Extinguishers and more

Upcoming dates for this event:

July 13, July 20, July 23, August 10, August 24, and September 21

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“A hazardous secondary material is recycled if used or reused (e.g., as an ingredient in a process), reclaimed, or used in certain ways including used in a manner constituting disposal and burned for energy recovery,”-excerpt from EPA’s official government website.

“Hazardous waste reuse, recycling, and reclamation can avoid environmental hazards, protect scarce natural resources, reduce the nation’s reliance on raw materials and energy and provide economic benefits.”

Environmental benefits of recycling hazardous materials are reducing the consumption of raw materials, reducing pollution, and reducing energy use and waste volume. The production of new materials harms the environment. Raw materials are extracted, refined, transported, and processed, increasing emissions and using more energy than recycling. Recycling reduces the amount of hazardous waste, air, water, and soil pollution that comes with new raw materials. Greenhouse gas emissions are also lower with recycling when compared to new products. Less hazardous waste makes its way into landfills and incinerators when we recycle, benefitting not just the environment but our economy and personal health too, according to the EPA.

For those in Pennsylvania outside Monroe County, you can find locations, dates, and information for household waste collection events here.

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