How To Have A Wild Time In The Poconos

Many revere the Poconos for its natural splendor, undisturbed woods, and host of wildlife. The Northern side of Pennsylvania is home to some of the most stunning and wild flora and fauna you will ever see.

While visiting the Poconos, in the vast wilderness, you will experience the wonderfully dense forests, flora, and fauna the Poconos offers. The lack of development in the woods allowed wildlife populations to form and shape into something astonishing. Whether you live here or just visiting, numerous animal species and plants await you to view and interact. Although the level of interaction varies depending on what it is, according to USA Today.

Main Fauna

Bears, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and deer are the most common in the Poconos’ mammal population, according to USA Today. Bears and deer are the most well adapted in this region, and their populations have increased. Elk are also here, with their population increasing as of late.

  • Deer | They often take the past of least resistance, look for meadows in the woods, and often live near the forest edge, according to the PGC. You can find them possibly grazing on your next hike through the woods. For a more successful viewing experience, go to Hickory Run State Park
  • Bears | Viewing bears can be dangerous, albeit incredible. If you see one in person, the PGC has a guide you should follow to keep yourself safe. You can find the most common areas for sighting here. Black bears prefer the woods but also inhabit low-lying swamp and wetland areas.
  • Elk | When it comes to elk, they can be such majestic creatures, but they are easily spooked, and once they notice you are around, they might take off. This species is easiest to view during the dawn and dusk hours. During Summer, they are commonly found in the meadows, foraging for plentiful food. The PGC provides free information on the best viewing sites for the elk to get the best experience.

Viewing The Birds

The Pocono Mountains host some of the most diverse and wonderful migratory bird species in the continental United States. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation And Natural Resources (DCNR), Pocono Mountains have a plethora of avian wildlife for bird-watching enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. The Poconos is famous for bird viewings that run the gamut ranging from the local raptor viewings, which include the bald eagle and peregrine falcon, to wild turkey and waterfowl. There are also plenty of forest birds to view, with the PGC providing a list of the viewable birds and migratory seasons so you can have the best experience.

Whether trying to find a bear or deer in the woods or birding, you are guaranteed to find something spectacular in the Poconos biome, so grab your backpack, strap your boots, and bring your binoculars.