If You Love Your Dog, License Your Dog, It’s The Law

Loving your dog is easy, but so is licensing it. Licensing your dog saves you money and frustration if your dog becomes lost. Without a license, your dog can end up in a shelter, never found again.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA), there are over 2 million dogs in Pennsylvania, and only half of them are licensed. Pennsylvania Dog Wardens pick up 50 to 100 strays per month, 600 to 1000 yearly. There are more than 5,000 dogs in shelters across the state. If your dog is not licensed, it can be one of the thousands that have been taken in by shelters.

The cost of a license is easy, affordable, and necessary. According to the PDA, an annual license is $8.50, and a lifetime license is $51.50. For a lifetime license, the dog must be either microchipped or tattooed. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the annual fee is $6.50, and the lifetime fee is $31.50. Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities.

According to the PDA, revenue from the sale of dog licenses funds the work of dog wardens protecting all dogs and puppies in kennels, shutting down bad actors and puppy mills, keeping dangerous dogs monitored and off the street, and our communities safe.

Dog wardens inspect more than 2,500 state-licensed kennels a minimum of twice annually. They also investigate and prosecute illegal kennel operations in puppy mills and control the spread of infectious and contagious diseases. Wardens track and monitor more than 600 dangerous dogs, pick up stray or abandoned dogs, and Reimburse shelters for holding stray dogs. Dog wardens also reimburse farmers for damages to livestock caused by dogs or coyotes. If you or someone has a dog over three months of age, getting them licensed is not only a must, it’s the law. Don’t let your dog become another statistic. It’s that time to love your dog and license your dog.

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