Introducing ChromeOS Flex – The Free Operating System That Can Restore Nearly Any Computer

Google recently introduced their newest version of ChromeOS, named ChromeOS Flex. A free new operating system that anyone can install and run on nearly any given computer.

What is ChromeOS Flex all about?

There are some significant differences between ChromeOS Flex and Chrome OS. This cloud-ready operating system can be installed on a PC or Mac of your choice. It is an open-source project in which you will not have to spend a penny to install the operating system on your computer. In the meantime, ChromeOS Flex will be getting regular updates, similar to regular Chromebooks.

Should you upgrade to ChromeOS Flex?

Now you have a basic idea of what ChromeOS Flex is all about. Based on that, you must be wondering whether it is a wise decision to switch to it or not.

You can consider ChromeOS Flex as a great option available to bring new life to an aging computer. Whether the computer runs on macOS or Windows, you can make it run faster with ChromeOS Flex. The operating system causes less taxing on your hardware. Therefore, you can expect to optimize your experience, regardless of how old your system is.

The secret behind ChromeOS Flex is that it runs based on web apps. Web apps are quite different from standalone applications installed on the computer. This operating system would deliver the same experience as an ordinary operating system. For example, you can use it for coding, gaming, browsing, and all other purposes. It comes with basic tools for emailing, image editing, word processing, and shopping. You just need to use these web apps as native applications on your computer and get the best possible experience.

ChromeOS Flex operating system is still in its initial stages, so the new operating system can expect many new updates in the future.