It’s National Clean Your Room Day | Opinion

Has life been challenging lately? With the current state of the world, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Uncertainty often comes with a sense of uneasiness, maybe paralyzing fear in some cases.

With fight or flight being man’s response to stressors, many of us are not in a position to fight against these things, so that leaves no other choice but flight. The flight response can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, including shutting down or looking for an escape, but how can you escape something that you can’t control? That feeling of helplessness has people hooked on drugs, glued to their TV or phone screens, ignoring the outside world, and living comfortably within their bubble. This apathy can lead to an abandonment of even the smallest of standards like cleaning one’s room.

Now, most people don’t want to be living in a mess, but in search of comfort, the thought of cleaning up could be a stressor. The state of mind becomes reflected outward in one’s life, trapping them in a loop due to the uncertainty we face. Uncertainty’s shadow is looming over the earth. Changes to the climate, wars being waged, and inflation are only a few things that lie within that shadow. All things that are within uncertainties shadow have something in common. We, on the individual level, can’t change them. The thought of facing these things, knowing we can’t change them can be hard to accept, but acceptance is necessary. When you accept your limitations, your perspective is clear. You realize that the energy you’ve spent dreading these things, running from them, hiding from responsibility can be better spent elsewhere. Maybe, just maybe, if you are able to focus that energy, you can aim it at something, something within your control. You assess the immediate things in your life that you are able to change, and before you know it, you’ve cleaned your room.

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