It’s time for Frontier Pro Wrestling to Sink or Swim!

June was full of excitement for FPW. The roster showed no fear or hesitation as they were put through matches that really let go of the rules. Fans were delighted by flying action, a three-man match for the Pride title, and even a hunting mercenary. The shots never ceased in an evening of wrestling fun for the whole family.

“Showtime” Luca Mancini was put to the test against El Rey and “Pretty Boy” Nick Thompson. The three men fought ferociously in a desperate climb. Previously, Mancini had ran out on matches against each of the other men. This time, there was no escape. In the end, El Rey won the title belt. Mancini left, muttering under his breath at this loss. El Rey, in a show of respect, agreed to face Thompson at the next event, one-on-one, to see who truly deserves the Pride Championship.

In a Frontier Justice match, Miguel Del Barrio and “El Lucha King” Felipe jr pulled out all the stops. This match included kendo sticks, fighting all over the arena, and interference from Felipe’s crew: Top Tier (Adam Lockwood and Tonouac). Though the GM tried to help, it was an uphill battle for Del Barrio, who was eventually tortured into submission. Under the direction of “El Lucha King”, the beating continued until the GM was able to enlist the help of “Pretty Boy” Nick Thompson, who made the rescue. The next time Del Barrio and Felipe meet, it will be for the number one contender spot for the FPW Heavyweight Championship.

Johnny Moran continues his crusade to upset the FPW Heavyweight Champion, Skylar Kincade. In May, he sent Aaron Roxas, and in June, the devastating M.E.R.C. was recruited. M.E.R.C. nearly accomplished the feat, but Skylar was once again able to retain the gold. Special guest Kid Flair to help Skylar celebrate and entertain the crowd. Joy reigned, but a nagging feeling overcomes everyone as we wonder what could be next in Moran’s plan?

As always, FPW focuses their shows on their fans with support from local sponsors like: Hall of Heroes, Splinters Hatchet and Axe Throwing, and Stack’d Deli. Things are really heating up for Frontier Pro Wrestling. Get ready for some amazing premieres in July as new contenders arrive to prove their worth in the squared circle! It’s time to Sink or Swim!

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