Jack Harlow: Rapper or Reality Figure?

If you’ve been anywhere on the music scene for the past few months, you know Jack Harlow. Bursting onto the HipHop/Rap genre with his viral song “What’s Poppin,” Jack Harlow has created a tidal wave with his newfound fame, working with the likes of Lil Wayne and Drake, just to name a few. Harlow has been able to become a household name almost overnight, but the question of whether it’s due to his music or his personality is a debatable topic.

It goes without question that Jack Harlow can make music that attracts an audience, but it seems like none of his songs have met the standard that “What’s Poppin” has set. Artists such as Drake, Kanye West, and the late Juice WRLD all have had their keystone tracks that have cemented the bar for their musical abilities, and while they do not always meet this bar, they at least come close. Jack Harlow is lacking in this department. Some of Harlow’s more recent popular hits, such as “First Class” and “Nail Tech,” haven’t even come close to matching the value that was provided under “What’s Poppin.” The entirety of his discography, including his recent release of “Come Home The Kids Miss You,” has been noticeably weak in comparison lacking the wordplay and smooth delivery. Harlow seems to perform in an almost laidback fashion throughout his most recent releases, carrying an air that makes it seem that he believes he’s made it to the top of the music world, despite being one of its most recent inductees. Despite this, Jack Harlow still maintains an unprecedented following of millions. Still, as discussed, this cannot be due to his musical talent, as although he is talented, his work is not consistent enough to warrant this following.

What Jack Harlow lacks in his music, he makes up for in charisma. Watching any interview or video of Jack Harlow, it is evident that he is dripping in swagger. Effortlessly providing an entertaining view through humor, expressive reactions, and engaging storytelling, Jack Harlow controls the narrative around him to be someone worth watching and garnering attention. This undoubtedly is the main contributor to how he has formed such great relationships with Druski and Drake. Jack Harlow is simply a very likable and relatable figure, more entertaining to view in a visual format than audio. Harlow is more easily seen as a smooth and comical individual from Kentucky rather than a first-rate artist.

It is undeniable that Jack Harlow can make good music, but his work just isn’t consistent. For this reason, at least currently, Jack Harlow is more fitting of a reality star than a rapper. The quality of his on-camera personality has been more prominent and steady than his musical discography, at least for the moment. As stated, Jack Harlow is still relatively new to this scene, and while he still has some traction, it is entirely possible that Harlow will begin to produce music on par with his most viral release. However, until then, fans are more likely to get a stimulating experience from his next interview than his latest track.

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