JID – Gifted With Immense Talent, Yet Tragically Overlooked

Some musical artists produce back-to-back hits and stay at the forefront of the industry. Then there are artists that get their 15 minutes of fame before fading away as quickly as they came. Still, there is another variation of artists that produce musical masterpieces time and time again but do not ever enter the center stage of attention that they rightfully deserve.

ENTERTAINMENT | Destin Choice Route, better known by his stage name “JID,” is one such artist who does not get the recognition they rightfully deserve. JID has had a fair share of throwing his own name amongst songs with some serious star power – creating songs with the likes of J Cole, Lil Durk, and Denzel Curry. However, JID never seems to obtain the same level of stardom as his fellow co-collaborators, even when he arguably performs better than them on shared tracks. This overlook of JID’s musical ability is also seen from the feedback – or lack thereof – from his most recent album, The Forever Story, with little to no major news about the release of the album, whereas other artists have many sources talking about the album days or weeks before release. 

This ambiguity around JID’s talent is nothing short of bewildering. JID is possibly one of the most impressive rappers to currently be active within the industry. His flow and lyrical cadence are second to none. Every track is a masterpiece of musical experimentation, with his lyrics harmonizing perfectly with the beat. JID raps in a familiar storytelling style, painting a vivid, hard-hitting picture while supplementing it with bold in-your-face wordplay. JID’s grasp on musical prowess is something unseen by many in the industry. Even many of the artists on the top of the charts cannot compare to JID’s musical ability. 

JID displays much of his raw talent in The Forever Story, commanding the tracks with a gritty and charismatic flow over some old-school-inspired beats. Each track seems to carry its own personality, making every song a unique and wholly different experience.

Truly JID is an artist with the talent to shake the industry from the ground up but is somehow not in the rotation of the masses’ playlists. This phenomenon is something that will surely not last as it is safe to wager that soon many people will be naming JID as their favorite artist.