Last Chance For Pocono Township Spring Clean-Up

Are you looking to get rid of that trash pile that’s been building up in the yard? Maybe that renovation left you with a house filled with old rugs and cabinets from the last century. If you are a resident of Pocono Township who has a load of junk to get rid of but doesn’t feel like taking the trip down to the dump, then today is your lucky day.

The Pocono Township Spring Clean-up is happening right now. The clean-up began yesterday, will continue today, and is concluding tomorrow, Saturday, April 30. Each day the clean-ups run from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the Township complex,112 Township Drive, Tannersville.

This service is for residential use only, and proof of residency is required with a limit of one load per family per day. Metal, electronics, and large plastic items cannot be mixed with landfill items. No hazardous chemicals or materials, no sealed/unsealed paint cans, no sealed/unsealed containers, and no household garbage. Electronics should have cords intact, glass unbroken, and no internal metals or parts stripped.

Prices vary by load size and are as follows:

Car Load: $5.00 • SUV: $10.00

Pickup Truck: $15.00

Trailer: Up to 8 ft $20.00 • Trailer: Over 8 ft $40.00

U-Haul: 6-9 ft $50.00 • 10-14 ft $100.00

U-Hauls: Over 14 ft NOT PERMITTED

X-Large Utility Trailer: $60.00

$10 surcharge for sideboards over 2 ft. high

Car Tires (Off Rim) $5.00 • Truck/Tractor Tires (Off Rim) $6.00 Appliances w/Refrigerant: $40.00

Tomorrow is the last day to drop off, so if you are interested, you better act fast.

More information can be found here:


Phone number: (570) 629- 1922

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