Local US Army Master Sergeant Prepares For Deployment | Community Honors Him

The community provided heavy support this past Thursday, honoring a local US Army Master Sergeant (MSG) as he prepares for deployment. 

TOBYHANNA, PA | On Thursday, September 8, friends, family, and community alike gathered at the Mountain Center in celebration as Tobyhannas’s own, US Army MSG, Edgar Ponce, prepares for deployment. WATCH INTERVIEW.

Ponce was grateful for those who turned out. “I thought it was gonna be a small celebration so I’m very surprised by the support from the community here, said Ponce. “I actually feel very good and excited as well.” 

Ponce is preparing for his 4th deployment, joining the Harlem Hell Fighters in a mission that will take place throughout the Middle East. Ponce has received many awards and decorations throughout his over 32-year career. At the ceremony, he was awarded the quilt of valor from the ladies at the sew and crafts and mountain laurel quilt guild, a citation from State Representative Maureen madden, and a certificate of recognition from state senator Mario Scavello. 

The certificate of recognition, in part, states, “MSG Edgar Ponce is being honored upon his more than 32 years of distinguished military service to our Country. Throughout your service, you demonstrated great loyalty and dedication to the United States of America and the US Military. We take great pride in honoring your exceptional record of service to our community and nation through this richly deserved recognition. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes MSG Edgar Ponce for his many years of loyalty and service, proudly notes that he has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the people of this Commonwealth and our Country; we offer best wishes for continued success in years to come.”

Ponce is scheduled for a 2-year deployment and, if all goes as planned, will return in 2024.