Loss Of Control Leads To Lawlessness At Frontier Pro Wrestling

May saw the wrestlers at FPW go to war for a good cause. FPW put on the best show possible to benefit Resource Officer Fred Felix’s family. Felix’s daughter was in attendance with her boyfriend as fans were delighted by the high-energy matches and could purchase chances at several baskets in a raffle. The baskets held donations from sponsors like Splinters Hatchet and Axe Throwing, Stack’d Deli, and Hall of Heroes. People smiled wide as their numbers were called, and they got to collect their gift certificates, toys, and games. In addition, the staff held a ten bell salute in memory of Jeff Greeno, aka Anarchy, whose sudden departure left a dark hole in the heart of the wrestling community. With emotions running high, it was no surprise that grudges and anger flared several times throughout the event.

For the second time, “Showtime” Luca Mancini escaped the loss of the prized Pride Championship by running out of the ring and allowing a count-out. So while he lost his last two matches, he has been able to retain the title. This led the General Manager to come out – before Mancini could make it all the way out through the curtain – and make an on-the-spot decision. At the June event, the Pride title will be defended in a triple-threat match, which the GM explained, “That way you (Luca Mancini) can run away and we can still get a real champion.” Luca Mancini will be defending against both El Rey and “Pretty Boy” Nick Thompson, to ensure there can be no escape.

Just as the Pride Title match was finalized, the GM Robin was viciously assaulted by “El Lucha King” Felipe jr and two accomplices; Tonouac and Adam Lockwood. The entire arena fell silent after the first crack from the Kendo Stick across Robin’s back. The assault continued as onlookers stared in shock for several minutes before news of the ongoing attack spread to the back. Finally, after the GM was tossed into the ring, Miguel DelBarrio and “La Fantasia” Ronii ran out to the rescue. The General Manager had to be nearly carried into the back, where the physician attended to him. Though bruised and battered, the GM limped back out and personally assured fans that he would recover quicker than Felipe jr would like.

In June, Frontier Pro Wrestling will go Lawless with a Frontier Justice Match where “La Fantasia” Ronii and Tony Toxic will have it out once and for all, and a Lawless Lucha Scramble featuring “El Lucha King” Felipe Jr, Miguel DelBarrio, Sabal Del Mar, and Matt Turner. Will Frontier Pro Wrestling management be able to regain control at the June event? What is in store for our Heavyweight Champion, Skylar Kincade? Find out June 4th at the Tunkhannock twp Fire Department, 1539 Long Pond Road in Long Pond. Doors open at 5:30, and Bell is at 6 pm.

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