Main Street Business Moves To Sidewalks During Power Outage

On Saturday afternoon, a transformer went down on Main Street in Stroudsburg, leading to power outages in several area businesses. With electricity being the cornerstone of our society, losing power means closing time to many businesses, but not all.

One of the businesses affected by the outage was Pocono Barbers. Losing power midday came as a surprise to the staff. However, despite the outage, having several appointments still scheduled for the day, they pressed on. Being graduation weekend, many people had celebrations to attend and intended to look their best. The staff at Pocono Barbers knew what was at stake and didn’t want to let their clients down, so they decided to move operations outside. “The transformer went, so they’re trying to fix that up, and they said it will take like 5 hours. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and do things outside of your comfort zone to get the things you want in life,” said Danny Ortiz, Barber at Pocono Barbers.

Moving outside comes with a host of challenges. For barbers using wireless clippers, like Ortiz, it is about sustaining the battery life by keeping clippers charged up. For Barbers using more traditional clippers, like Master Barber and shop owner Allen Brown, the challenge of keeping the clippers running on a power source arises. Brown found a solution to this problem by running an extension cord from his car, parked outside the shop, to power his clippers. “Gotta do what you gotta. We all gotta feed the babies. We all got babies to feed,” said Brown.

Pocono Barbers’ creative solution to their problem proves that sometimes in business, the only way to keep the doors open is to go outside.

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