Members of the Jewish Community Spread Messages of Peace In The Poconos

In a world full of catastrophe, economic inflation, warring countries, natural disasters, and mass shootings, two members of the Jewish Community, Mendel, and Schmal, set out on a weekly journey to change the world.

Mendel and Schmal are on a weekly mission to change the world with one card, one conversation, and one message of God’s love and peace in hopes of changing the world for the better. The current state of the world is dark and daunting. Mendel and Schmal attempt to remove the darkness and insert the light when humanity needs it most. Those who reside in the Poconos, specifically the Stroudsburg Borough, may see Mendel and Schmal walking around town handing out cards with The Seven Universal Laws, The Way To True Peace.

When asked why they are spreading their messages of peace, Mendel said, “These are dark times, very dark times. The world has been going through a lot of changes. The time of the Messiah’s return is now. One kind act or message of peace and hope can be enough to change the world. If everyone committed one act of kindness, it would spread from one to another, shaping the darkness into light”.

“We do this every week. It is not about religion or God but peace. It never hurts to spread a message of love. We aren’t trying to force religion on anyone, just trying to change the world one kind act at a time, providing a message of peace to those in the Poconos”.

According to literature from Mendel and Schmal, The Seven Universal Laws Include:

Believe In One God

Honor God

Preserve Human Life

Respect Family Relationships

Respect Property

Respect God’s Creatures

Stable Honest Courts and a Just Legal System

When the world is in shambles, people with love and kindness in their hearts are left to pick up the pieces. Two people on a pathway to peace create the highway of hope in the heart of the Poconos.

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