Monroe County DA Office To Start Program To Prevent Fatal Overdoses

Starting next month, the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney is set to unveil a new program to prevent fatal overdoses.

MONROE COUNTY, PA | On October 7, the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney announced the start of its Overdose Fatality Review Program (OFR). Members from the OFR committee will begin meeting bi-monthly in November to identify system gaps and collectively formulate recommendations for various community resources to prevent future fatal overdoses.

The OFR program, supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, will seek to identify moments in the addict’s life where someone may have been able to intervene and assist the individual in getting help and getting clean.

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney, the District Attorney has been focused on investigating and prosecuting drug dealers, the DA looks to shift gears and focus on the victim, taking a proactive approach. The program intends to focus on warning signs, before a fatal overdose, these include contacts with the police, jailings, hospital visits, emergency services, rehabilitation programs, and/or halfway houses. The press release states, “In today’s world, policing isn’t just about making an arrest; policing is about helping the community. A collaborative approach involving the police, the coroner, hospitals, emergency services, mental health agencies, and drug and alcohol programs is necessary.”

Any interested community stakeholders or organizations, that help individuals battle addiction, that would like to be a part of the OFR program are urged to contact the program coordinator, Detective Kim Lippincott, via email at

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