National UFO Day Is Out Of This World

Aliens, space, and unidentified flying objects have been a staple in pop culture and changed the world, from E.T. to Area 51 in Rosewell, New Mexico, and recently declassified sightings, World UFO day celebrates the good, the bad, and the alien, on July 2 every year. 

According to National Holiday, UFO day o National Today, an organization that tracks national and global holidays, this holiday takes place on the anniversary of the infamous and all-but-confirmed incident in Rosewell, New Mexico, on July 2, 1947. These urban legends from believers regarding UFOs have been around for centuries, being just legends until that fateful day in the 1950s when flying saucers grabbed national and international attention and headlines. 

World UFO brings people together, gathering, watching the skies, and on the same night searching for UFOS, according to National Today. UFO day is more than just flying saucers and little green men. Many purposes of the holiday include promoting awareness-raising questions about incidents like Rosewell, New Mexico, and what might be lurking out in space and our Earth.  

The Timeline of World UFO Day, according to National Today.

  • 1561 | Nuremberg Sightings

Nuremberg broadsheet reports widespread sightings of celestial anomalies, leading many to question what is real. 

  • 1947 |The Roswell Incident

Farmers in Roswell, New Mexico report hearing a large crash on July 2, 1947, and later residents recovered the bits and pieces left behind from 

the believed flying saucer.

  • 1952 | When the term ‘UFO’ made was declared

The term UFO for Unidentified Flying Object was the idea of United States Air Force officer Edward Ruppelt

  • September 10, 1993, | The Truth is Out There

Science-fiction drama television series The X-Files debuts on Fox, introducing the belief in UFOs, aliens, and the mysterious. 

According to National Today, This is how to celebrate National UFO Day: 

  Alien Themed Party

  • UFO Day is a fun time to host an alien-themed party. 
  • Alien and UFO costumes are easy to make and often humorous
  • Food and beverage ideas are endless, using themed colorful ingredients.
  1.  For all ages, create alien cupcakes using green icing, red jello with a rocket ship floating inside it, or even just prepackaged moon pies as flying saucers. 
  2. For the older crowd, you can make mixed drinks that include vodka, blue curacao, grenadine, cranberry juice, and sours for a Purple People Eater creation that will surely impress those who love alien culture.

Join in on the urban legends surrounding UFOs 

  • Most information, events, and happenings regarding UFOs are more urban legend and theory than hard proof. Although in the spirit of UFO Day, searching these stories will help you come to your conclusion and entertain yourself. Find what the stars are hiding or not hiding, take some time, and search for some of the most bizarre, extraterrestrial tales you can imagine. You never know what you may or may not find.

Watching an out-of-this-world alien movie or tv series 

  • UFO movies have been around for a while. They originated in the 30s with Flash Gordon-styled genre-defining series, or you can go to Martian mania days from the 50s of invading Martians taking over the Earth. The 60s is cheesy, but if you love that sense of corniness and find it that’s a great decade to look back on. Mystery Science Theater 3000 reviews these and comments on them, offering hilarious commentary and viewpoints that will be sure to entertain. If these aren’t your cup of tea, try looking at modern-day sci-fi alien films from the last few decades.