PAC-MAN: The Never-ending Appetite We Never Get Tired Of Playing

Few games as simple as PAC-MAN could ever claim to have even broached its success. With the 40th anniversary being celebrated on May 22nd, 2020, PAC-MAN officially became one of the oldest series to maintain consistent popularity in the history of gaming. It joined title titans Mario, Metroid, Centipede, and countless others who planted their feet in the gaming industry decades ago and simply would not budge. Originally introduced as “PUCKMAN,” it has come a long way from its humble origins as one arcade game in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. It has been offered on every form of console since the Atari 2600 and is one of the few games with flexible enough licensing to be available on all major platforms. Now we welcome back the bottomless pit and terror of small little dots across the planet in his newest release! PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ will be hitting shelves on May 27th, 2022, much to the delight of both older and more modern gamers alike. The edition is a sequel to the previous Museum title and includes more of the spin-off and obscure titles from the series.

Based on the small sneak-peek ads, it appears the game will allow the player to move through a virtual arcade, choosing among machines that feature the hungry hungry hero’s various titles. Winning games will result in the player acquiring coins that can be used at the prize booth and used to purchase decorations and items for your arcade. Bandai Namco Entertainment (BNE) has been very hush-hush about whether or not there will be a sims-type aspect where you maintain the business of the arcade as well. So far, that seems unlikely as PAC-MAN has always prided itself on being the best game in the simplest fashion.

Some features have been reduced, such as the new addition PAC-MAN ARRANGEMENT no longer featuring the two-player mode it was so well known for. BNE addressed this in mild terms, simply stating, “It felt unnecessary. With so many multiplayer options available for the game, we saw no reason to include it in the Museum+. Many systems still support the game in its 2-player able form. The creators made a decision, and we backed it.” Updates to graphics will be present, corrections to stalled movement, and less chance of crashing mid-level, a common issue with compilation discs in a general sense, but far more frustrating in games where the save feature is literally level to level rather than at will.

The title will boast 14 games in total, in their original forms, with each original also having additional missions the player can choose from if they wish, to obtain trophies and extra coins. Coins, while used for prize purchase, will also be required to play, another immersion addition where the player must budget and save in order to achieve their goals. So for you overspenders, this is not the best news. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) It has not been clarified if the coins will be available for purchase through any network store, though one can safely assume this will be the case, as most major titles have begun embracing some form of pay as you play upgrade packs or boosters. However, free play is sure to be everything one can expect from such a consistent title, and nobody should leave disappointed! Another milestone in the life of this loved and cherished series that has sold over 43 million individual units worldwide and still produces over 14 billion dollars in yearly revenue between merchandise, arcades, and personal purchase. It is sure to be a blast!

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BeccaWolf signing off