Pennsylvania Department of Health Issues COVID-19 Update

Pennsylvania Department of Health Acting Secretary and Physician Denise John provides commonwealth residents with a COVID-19 update.

Center for Disease Control tracks community COVID-19 trends by county, severity, and risk. The spread of COVID varies, according to a Pennsylvania Department of Health press release. Dr. Denise Johnson claims we have the right tools to fight COVID-19 from spreading, such as wearing a mask and getting tested.

“COVID-19 trends can vary across communities that is why it is important to use the CDC’s community-level tracker website opens In A New Window to see the risk of COVID-19 by county and find recommendations to prevent spreading the virus,” Department of Health Acting Secretary and Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson said. “We have access to the right tools to fight the spread of COVID-19, like wearing a mask and getting tested. Regardless of what community level, we know getting fully vaccinated and boosted offers the best protection against this virus.”

According to the CDC, the following data set is between May 1 to 31, 2022:

  • Following the CDC approval of second doses, there was an increase in total vaccinations in May. A total of 402,303 COVID-19 vaccines were administered to the public, averaging 12,978 doses per day as well as:
  • 72,266 additional doses
  • 208,908 second additional doses
  • 10,920 pediatric doses
  • 111,011 new COVID-19 cases were averaging 3,581 per day in May
  • The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 on June 1 was 1,329, twice as high as on May 1 at 651 people.  
  • 591 deaths attributed to COVID-19 were identified in the Pennsylvania death registry averaging about 19 deaths per day reported in May.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, updates will provide extensive data weekly via the COVID and Vaccine dashboards. These dashboards will provide statewide and local-level data. Skilled nursing homes will also have their own dashboard showing COVID-19 data for case counts, deaths, and vaccination status for residents and staff. Dashboards are updated weekly on Wednesdays.  

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