Pennsylvania Grants $320k To Protect Native Wildlife

Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) announces $320,866 in program grants to protect Pennsylvania native biodiversity.

“These projects will help critical field research and on-the-ground conservation projects that protect some of our most vulnerable species across the commonwealth, specifically focusing on research in the effect of climate change on rare plants, medicinal and edible plants, moth and butterfly conservation, and other key conservation areas,” said Dunn.

“DCNR will continue to support projects of this nature as we work to protect our native wildlife resources for future generations.”

The Pennsylvania DCNR program ensures the safety of non-game animals, indigenous plants, and their ecosystems. These grants have awarded three specific areas, species surveys, conservation, and management.

According to the DCNR press release, priorities have shifted to surveys and projects focused on edible and medicinal plants, effects of fire management on wildlife, the checkered sculpin fish, plant genetics, and more.

The funded projects are as follows:

Genetics of Three Endemic Appalachian Plants (Bucknell University) — $47,992

Climate Change Effects on Rare Plants (or the Distribution and Ecological Assessment of Pennsylvania Plants of Special Concern) (Carnegie Institute) — $29,746

Medicinal and Edible Plants (Penn State University) — $31,663

Blue Lupine’s Response to Fire, Deer, and Microhabitat Management (Penn State University) — $46,660

Freshwater Mussels and Invasive Fish in French Creek (Western Pennsylvania Conservancy) — $53,083

Moth and Butterfly Conservation Ranks (Western Pennsylvania Conservancy) — $30,423

Globally Rare Tiger Beetles of Pennsylvania (Western Pennsylvania Conservancy) — $32,362

Habitat Conservation Plan for Limestone Barrens (Western Pennsylvania Conservancy) — $10,173

Genetics of Endangered Pennsylvania Plant Species (Wilmington College) — $38,824

For more information, check out the following links below:

Visit DCNR’s website for more information on the specific projects (PDF)

Applications are accepted for the 2022 round of funding (PDF), which will focus on surveys, research, conservation and management, and climate change.

Visit DCNR’s website for more on the grant round (PDF).

Launched in 1982, Wild Resource Conservation Program encourages and supports research and protection efforts to conserve Pennsylvania’s diverse native wildlife resources, including bird and mammal species, amphibians and reptiles, insects, and wild plants.

Learn more about the Wild Resource Conservation Program.

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