Personal Trainer And New Mom Shares Fitness Routine

Our certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor shares her free and easy workout series. 

HEALTH – WELLNESS | Do you own a treadmill that’s become an extension of your closet? Or perhaps your current workout routine is so dreadful that the thought of working out makes you cringe? Maybe you’ve been going to the gym but want to try working out at home? If any of these apply to you, here is a short workout that can easily fit into any daily routine.

After becoming a new mama in 2021, I was looking for fun and creative ways to continue working out with my clients while also staying at home with my son. So, I created SMH Fit Mix. It’s a series of 5–30-minute workouts designed to fit into any schedule that men and women of all fitness levels can do from home with little to no equipment. 

SMH Fit Mix workouts will help you lose weight, build strength, improve cardiovascular health, help to improve insulin resistance, and so much more. Some of the exercises within SMH Fit Mix include strength, kettlebell, HIIT, cardio, and core. The best part is that all of the videos are free.

This video is from one of Samantha’s programs. It is a short 20-minute workout that focuses on connecting core strength with cardio-based moves. This workout will leave you feeling stronger, sore, and healthier! 

About Samantha Huber, MS, RDN, LDN, CPT

Samantha Huber is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor of 12 years, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and the owner of The Dietitian’s Fix, LLC in the Pocono mountains. If you are interested in a more structured workout regime, you can visit SMH FIT MIX for free exercise programs and month-long fitness programs for purchase. Programs for purchase are complete with nutrition, accountability, one-on-one check-ins with Samantha herself, and so much more!