Pocono Environmental Education Center To Host Fun-filled Earth Day Festival on April 30

Earth Day might have passed us by (in case you didn’t know or were preoccupied with everyday concerns, it was this past April 22), but if you or your family thought you’d missed it. Actually, you didn’t miss it at all: the Pocono Environmental Education Center is holding its annual Earth Day Festival on April 30. The fun will go from 11 AM until 4 PM at 538 emery Road in Digman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania.

According to PEEC Special Events coordinator Justin Murray, the dates and times for major events held by the center are not picked according to a set calendar date of the holiday but are “typically picked with program and staff availability in mind. The 30th worked well in this case!”

Attending families can expect a wide variety of activities that any can take part in. Murray said that these activities include field games, tie-dye, crafts, guided hikes, animal presentations, kayaking, and canoeing. Educational information shall be provided, and vendors will be attending to help support local businesses.

This year’s annual PEEC Earth Day festival also coincides with the organization’s 50th year in operation. “Our 50th-anniversary celebration is a year-long commitment to us celebrating that PEEC has made it through 50 years of environmental education and continues to strive towards the best hands-on experience for the public,” Murray said. He added that there will be an event this fall specifically to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It will take place on the same day as PEEC’s Harvest Festival, on Saturday, October 5.

If you are interested in attending the Earth Day festival, the cost is only $5 per car. The PEEC will be doing other activities throughout the summer. “We offer programs to school groups, have a summer camp program from July through August, and rent out our cabins to the public when available,” Murray said. For additional information about the organization, please visit peec.org.

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