“Red & White”, Lil Uzi’s Prelude to One of His Most Anticipated Projects

One of the most popular artists of the current times, Lil Uzi Vert, has recently released his latest EP “Red & White”, the prelude to his long awaited project “The Pink Tape”. But does this EP meet the anticipation from fans?

“Red & White” is Uzi’s latest collection of musical work since his collaboration with Future on “Pluto x Baby Pluto”, which was released in November of 2020. In these two years, it would appear that Uzi has managed to not only hone in on his signature sound and style, but explore deeper into it. Uzi’s style of rap is as large and eccentric as his personality. The bass makes itself present, the beats are odd but hypnotizing, and the vocals are in your face and delivered as anyone would expect from Uzi.

The tracks on the 9 song EP offer a refreshing taste of Uzi’s music from when he first began his rise to the top. The beats and cadence are similar to tracks from “Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World”, the same project that included Uzi’s viral hit “Money Longer”. Additionally, Uzi’s newest EP also takes on a more lyrical side of Uzi, leaning more heavily on his vocals and chorus than the mesmerizing and addictive beats that were renowned in a large variety of his previous projects. While these beats are still present, Uzi has come to meet them with his lyrical skill.

A quick look through Uzi’s discography will make anyone aware that the artist has been experimenting with a variety of styles and sounds. However, in “Red & White” Uzi seems to have returned to his roots and is delivering a true experience that is on par with his most viral hits and productions. As discussed prior, “Red & White” is a prelude for Uzi’s full project “The Pink Tape” and this prelude does anything but disappoint. If “The Pink Tape” is to be a more fleshed out and engineered version of “Red & White” then it is safe to say that Uzi may have a truly impressive project on his hands, possibly even one that may eclipse his other works.