Scranton Man Allegedly Threatens To Kill His Whole Family

After a man allegedly threatened to kill his woman and children, police got called to investigate the matter in Scranton, PA, Lackawanna county.

Roads were closed down, and tensions were high. What transpired that evening has the community concerned.In Scranton, PA, Lackawanna county, two roadways in Scranton reopened to traffic after immense police activity and investigation on Wednesday evening, according to the Scranton Police Department. The community notified the Scranton Police Department regarding an active police operation on Luzerne Street and Railroad Avenue in Scranton.According to FOX56, Scranton Police Chief Tom Carroll told them officers deployed in pursuit of the alleged criminal to the 500 block of Luzerne Street around 6 PM, which was considered a “high-risk search.”A woman said the father was threatening to kill her and her children. When identifying the suspect, the investigation concluded that the criminal Jamal Morrison was said to have been armed and dangerous inside a home in the 500 block of Luzerne Street. The alleged criminal, Chief Carroll, said that Morrison had an outstanding warrant for a felony aggravated assault charge.According to Scranton Police Reports, Morrison was not inside the home when officers went to catch the alleged criminal, and the police operation concluded. The Scranton police are suspicious regarding the claims of violence, as he wasn’t inside the home, and officials found the threats against the woman and her children to be falsely made. Morrison has got another warrant for terroristic threats that is now outstanding.