State Liquor Stores Offering Half-Price Wine And Spirits 

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By Adam Capotorto

October marks the beginning of the crescendo of holidays that fall upon us in the final quarter of the year. Yet, this October, we have an extra cause for celebration because the Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores across Pennsylvania will sell select wines and spirits for half their retail value!

PENNSYLVANIA STATE | More than 3,300 wines and spirits will be marked down by 50% at Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores and the online retailer in Pennsylvania. The sale includes known name brands of both wine and spirits. Interested buyers can view the clearance stock either in-store or by visiting and browsing the complete availability of the clearance alcohols.

In addition, any orders placed online that are more than $99 will receive free shipping to any Pennsylvania address.

What is the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board?

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, PLCB, is in charge of regulating alcohol in Pennsylvania. This board operates over 600 wine and spirits locations throughout the commonwealth and is responsible for distributing over 20,000 liquor licenses. The PLCB works to educate the public on the dangers of excessive consumption and, through various partnerships and programs, informs the public on ways to drink responsibly. In addition to taxes, store profits are used to build Pennsylvania’s General Fund – the fund responsible for funding schools, law enforcement, health services, and all other forms of public service. Additionally, money raised by the PLCB is used to bolster other agencies such as the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and local municipalities. For more information about the PLCB, visit