State Offers Free On-line Art Courses For Older Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvania is introducing a new digital art teaching system for older residents.

PENNSYLVANIA STATE | On Oct. 3, The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) announced The Academy for Creative Aging. On this free digital platform, older Pennsylvanians can participate in interactive art classes and on-demand video lessons. Research has shown creative activities can decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation in older adults, according to the PCA. 

“Supporting opportunities for lifelong learning for residents across Pennsylvania is a strategic priority of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts,” said Karl Blischke, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). “We are excited to launch this innovative platform so that PA teaching artists and older adults have a flexible resource that supports their goals around professional development and quality of life.”

The Academy for Creative Aging offers a two-track system developed by industry experts to help teaching artists better understand the aging brain.

The Academy’s Professional Development track is a module-based certificate system where partipants complete a series of online modules containing interactive videos, reading assignments, and resources. 

The Lessons on Demand track is an alternative to the Academy’s certificate track, where participants can explore a video catalog. Currently, they can learn about Indian classical dance, jazz singing, storytelling through theatre, and creating a still-life self-portrait.

“We commend and support the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts on the development of the Academy for Creative Aging. This online platform will extend the reach and opportunities for more individuals and communities to participate in activities that benefit and enrich the lives of older adults,” said Secretary of Aging Robert Torres. “The Department of Aging applauds the Council’s efforts to promote education of different art forms and to foster creative engagement in a social environment that can yield positive physical and emotional health benefits for older adults.”

For more information about the PCA, visit or call 717-787-6883. To explore the Academy for Creative Aging, visit