Strapped For Cash? Get Your Side Hustle On!

As we continue to face the increased prices of goods and services across the board, many are beginning to feel the pressure on their bank accounts. They are looking for ways to preserve their capital and maybe even make some extra money on the side. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to make a secondary income for those willing to put in a little extra work. Here are five cheap and easy side hustles that can ease the financial pain.

1. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to start making some money on the side with a quick return on investment. All you need to get started is simply one pressure washer. You can get a decent pressure washer for a few hundred dollars and charge $200 – $300 per house that you pressure wash. This hustle can also scale to a full-fledged business after a few completed jobs, allowing you to buy better equipment and employ a crew.

2. House Cleaning

No one likes to live in filth, but no one particularly likes to clean either. By offering a house cleaning service, you can solve both of those issues and make a pretty penny while you’re at it. To get started, all that is needed are the same materials you would use in your own home: vacuums, cleaning chemicals, mops, gloves, cloths, and a vehicle to transport them. If managed correctly, a small initial investment in these materials can lead to thousands of dollars coming into your checking account.

3. Furniture Refurbishment

If you take a quick look on Facebook Marketplace, you will find endless amounts of furniture listed for next to nothing or flat out being given away. A crafty individual might succeed by taking these furniture pieces and refurbishing them to look newer, cleaner, and more attractive to other homeowners. Then this revamped piece of furniture can be put back on the marketplace for a higher fee and turn a profit.

4. Affiliate Marketing

For those more interested in passive sources of income, look no further. Affiliate marketing is taking a product that someone else has already made and simply advertising it online with a special affiliate link provided by the product owner for a percentage of its value. This side hustle starts off slow, but as you grow your network, the rate of return gets higher and higher. Some that start this side hustle report it making them a six-figure income. Many popular companies have affiliate programs that you can join for free. Simply search for an “affiliate” tab on the company site. This hustle is entirely free. However, many pay for advertisements to increase the number of people who use their affiliate link.

5. Freelance

Have any skills that you think you excel at? Maybe things like writing, editing, graphic design, photography, art, etc.? Creating an account on sites like or can start getting you paid for the things you’re good at. Freelance work allows you to take on projects at your own pace and gives you the ability to make money with skills that may have been nothing more than hobbies prior. If one sticks to the freelance lifestyle long enough, they can find themselves with a long list of repeat clients and the ability to charge more for their services, eventually taking the place of their current 9 to 5. Freelance work is yet another hustle that requires very little to no money down. However, ads can be used to increase the flow of business.

These barely make up a fraction of the possible side hustles you can do to make a few extra dollars at the month. Other examples include car detailing, lawn care, food delivery, customized clothing, and much more. If you find yourself needing more money, look inwardly and see what skills you have. Take these skills and apply them to a side hustle, and as long as you stay consistent, you will have something that gets you some extra financial breathing room and, in some cases, even financial freedom.

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