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Becoming an entrepreneur these days can seem daunting. Ty of TL Shirts has overcome these obstacles, turning a dream into reality.  

Ty from TL Shirts is a motivated individual. He does all the designing and selling himself. You can see him walking the streets, possibly at a vendor stand, or glowing in the dark with his unique brand of t-shirts in the Poconos. No stranger to artistry, Ty is one step closer to living his dream, providing quality, uniquely designed t-shirts at an affordable price point.  

He was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC, before moving to Stroudsburg, PA, at 4-years old and starting his creative journey at 7-years old. It began when his parents bought him a computer and recording equipment. He would draw, graphic design, record people around his house, whether they were singing songs or telling a story, and making home movies became a creative outlet for this artist.  

Getting his foot in the door with graphic design by doing album covers such as Junebug and Farewell To The Game. Producing graphics for his music and other local artists’ before expanding into the t-shirt design realm, multi-talented, achieving whatever creative avenue he goes down. Ty had a team of people working with him on a previous project before starting his solo work, TL Shirts, disbanding due to creative differences. 

Ty went off the beaten path with fresh ideas and a vision no one else saw coming. With his own business, exploring different ideas and items such as dog collars, mugs, stickers, album covers, and shirts using an old-school vinyl cutter. When Ty sold enough shirts, he could buy the Cricket vinyl cutting machine, which was revolutionary in his production process. He designs his graphics, t-shirts, and other products and custom requests. 

Starting a business usually has some form of motivation behind it. We asked why Ty wanted to start his business, “I work nights, and I’d rather be able to devote 8 hours to my dream than give 8 hours to something else. I want to be creative, draw and make something from nothing, and have a career that I’m passionate about,” said Ty. 

When asked why people should consider buying his merchandise and services, “I’m local in the Pocono Area and well known for being a down-to-earth guy. I make everything from custom graphic t-shirts to glow-in-the-dark shirts. Everyone will light up like you wouldn’t believe,” said Ty.

“I’m open to doing custom designs no matter what ideas you want to bring to life; I can do it. Different materials and textures are no problem either. If you can dream it, I can make it,” said Ty.

From selling shirts on the street to selling them online, Ty and TL Shirts show initiative in pursuing the American dream.

Photo Credit: Photos provided by TL Shirts

You can purchase TL Shirts and other items here.
Here Are Some Prices of TL Shirts Merchandise:
  5$: TL SKULL/TL logo 

10$: Glow in the dark 

15$: Long Sleeve Shirts

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