Stroudsburg Welcomes New Credit Counseling Service

On Saturday, April 30th, Transitional Finances LLC: Credit Repair Company held its Red Carpet Grand Opening. The event kicked off at 5 PM, including food, music, dancing, and more at Venture Poconos.

Sarinthia Saunders, Credit Repair Specialist and owner of Transitional Finances LLC, is excited to start serving the Poconos. Discovering her passion for credit after resolving errors on her own credit report, Sarinthia says, “Transitional Finances LLC was established to help people fix their credit profiles. Fighting for their clientele by writing and mailing out disputes to challenge the claims against their credit and raising their scores with the credit bureaus. As I started doing more research about credit and how to fix my credit. I went from being in the 400s to being welcomed in the 700s credit score club within less than a year. As I was fixing and building my credit, I started helping family members and friends and getting them the results that they wanted. From helping everyone around me and myself, credit became a passion.”

Transitional Finances LLC was created to meet people where they are and help them start their credit journey. The mission is to help people understand the power of credit, implement strategies to get the ideal credit score, and educate clients on how to maintain great credit. Transitional Finances also presents credit seminars and webinars to anyone interested in knowing the ins and outs of credit.

For more information, visit the Transitional Finances website at or call and schedule a consultation at (201)470-4457.

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