The Poconos Gets Pickled Again

Photo provided by We See Productions

The Poconos are home to numerous festivals, events, and celebrations but the Pickle Me Poconos Festival, run and organized by our very own Pocono Chamber of Commerce, is one that always seems to be a big dill.

STROUDSBURG, PA | Saturday, October 1st, the Pocono Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Pickle Me Poconos Festival on Crystal Street, in East Stroudsburg. The event ran from 1 PM to 5 PM and featured a variety of vendors who sold an assortment of pickle-flavored items that you wouldn’t find on an average day. Some particularly unique pickle-inspired snacks came in the form of soda, mac & cheese, muffins, and alcohol-infused ice cream. In addition to these exotic treats, the event also had a plethora of activities to engage in such as a pickle eating contest, live musicians, a pickle toss, and much more. 

Pocono Update had the pleasure of getting an interview with Caitlin Hamlin, the Event Coordinator for the Pocono Chamber of Commerce that made the Pickle Fest possible. Caitlin shared the complete rundown of the event and what made it so much fun to attend. Watch our interview with Caitlin HERE.

Although the number of attendees is not currently known, last year’s pickle fest brought in over 9000 attendees, and it is expected that this year’s event brought in about the same amount.

The event was free to the public and hosted to bring a fun festival that brought in tourists and residents alike by offering a unique event centered around a popular food item. A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit ECA, Angels and Dragonflies, and BattleBorne.