The Wait Is Over As WII Sports Returns to Nintendo Switch

Wii Sports is quite possibly one of the console’s most popular and straightforward offerings that Nintendo has ever created. It provides relaxing alternatives to normal thrill ride games in the form of relaxing activities like bowling, golf, and more. It became an immediate fan favorite. Between easy gameplay for the whole family, games that include multiple people with only one controller needed to play, and simplified rules to ensure even young ones have a good time, the title was a hit, selling 82 million copies worldwide by 2017. Even with the technically obsolete system, it’s still managing to sell copies today. It holds the title of best selling single platform game of all time and best selling Nintendo game of all time. It holds fourth-best in overall games worldwide. Its popularity has reached such proportions that actual contests and events surrounding the game have been created. Game enthusiasts gather to put their sports skills to the ultimate test against their other digital opponents. While Nintendo had previously shown no interest in rebooting the title, the fans’ pleas were heard and are now being answered in the form of WII Sports Switch!

A newer version of the original, Nintendo promises all the fan favorites along with a few new spins. Anyone who has played 100-pin bowling is excited to see what new formats they have come up with and several new additions to the roster, such as Badminton and Sword fighting. The player will still be able to use a customized avatar, with upgrades or additional items available to unlock in-game. Nintendo also promises some corrections to the original title’s somewhat glitchy nature, like floating players, sliding cameras, and worse controllers becoming incorrectly calibrated mid-game. Also new will be some updates to the graphic content and texture smoothness during gameplay.

The new title will also include both online and multiplayer play and games that will incorporate the Wii Switch Leg Strap accessory. If you don’t own one, don’t panic. Each copy is said to include it. Long loved as a physical way to play without ever leaving the house, Wii sports was initially meant more as a test than to be a high selling title. The game allows the system to use the full range of the remote’s motion. Any complaints that followed allowed creators to correct design flaws for the next edition. However, the game proved not only highly functional but almost perfect in its execution and is regarded as one of the better movement-oriented game designs in the genre. Sharing shelves with games like Tiger Woods and NFL, Wii Sports has become a beacon of modern movement gaming, joining several other WII titles as a fitness support activity. It cannot replace good exercise but can absolutely be used as a secondary or assistant to it.

There have been some minor contradictions regarding the reported release date. Nintendo had initially set the date of April 26th, 2022, which has been pushed back three days to a new date of April 29th, 2022. It is available for reserve at most major gaming stores but is sure to be quick to sell out on the first day! Some stores have reported that initial supplies are already reserved in excess, and delivery delays could be expected. It has been a long time coming, and I am very excited to see its triumphant return *cracks knuckles* I love me some Wii Bowling, lol.

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