This Weekend, Get Dirty With the Toughest Run in Town

Gym rats, marathoners, and masochists alike are in for a treat this weekend as one of the biggest names in running events makes an appearance in the Poconos.

LONG POND, PA | On Sept. 10-11, 2022, The Tough Mudder, a marathon meets obstacle course, is known internationally as one of the premier obstacle course races to attend. People come from far and wide for the opportunity to put their minds and bodies to the ultimate test of endurance. The Mudder will be taking place at the Pocono Raceway from 8 am to 12 pm.

What Obstacles are in the Tough Mudder?

Some of the most notable obstacles include:

  • Frigid plunges into multiple ice baths
  • A mad dash through live electrical wire
  • A three-story climb
  • A cage crawl where runners must carry themselves through a trench filled with water with only inches of space to catch a breath between the cage and water, and
  • An intense and highflying set of monkey bars

*From start to finish, it is not incorrect to say that the entirety of the course is an obstacle. As some may be able to tell from its namesake, the Tough Mudder is very big on mud. Large stretches of the course will be caked with thick mud that runners will have to wade through just to get to the actual obstacles. This mud will be a big factor in slowing runners down and adding a nice slippery layer to runners’ shoes as they try to complete the rest of the course. 

These are only a small number of obstacles standing between runners and the finish line. For a full list of obstacles and descriptions, go here.

Who Can Complete the Tough Mudder?

Anyone can run in the Tough Mudder. You don’t have to be a star athlete to put yourself against the Mudder. Although it is technically a race, the Tough Mudder is more focused on completion of the course rather than position in the course. Due to this, many obstacles actually require a bit of teamwork to complete, encouraging runners to work together and get everyone across the finish line regardless of their physical stature. 

Worried about distance? No problem, Tough Mudder has something for everyone! Runners can pick the length of their run from 5k, 10k, and 15k routes. There’s even a course for kids!

If you think you’re up for the challenge, the Tough Mudder is waiting for you this weekend and it’s ready to test you and your washing machine. (No, seriously, you should pack a change of clothes.)

For more information, check out the Tough Mudder Website.