Why do we still use Bluetooth?

We are living in a world where technology changes rapidly along with time. When you look at the mainstream technologies that people used ten years ago, you will notice that most of them are non-existent today.

However, Bluetooth is an exception to the rule. People have been using Bluetooth for two decades, and we don’t see this technology fading out anytime soon. Currently, around five billion Bluetooth-enabled devices are being purchased by consumers every year. This figure expects to rise to 7 billion by 2026. Why is Bluetooth so popular?


No matter how technology has advanced in the recent past, Bluetooth still remains a practical and beneficial technology. People can easily create a wireless connection between two or more devices with the help of Bluetooth. On the other hand, you can also use Bluetooth to send data to multiple devices simultaneously.

Another great thing about Bluetooth is that it sends weaker signals when compared to other wireless communication methods. As a result, Bluetooth doesn’t have the ability to interrupt other signals. However, a Bluetooth connection is strong enough to deliver a reliable communication medium between multiple devices.

Bluetooth consumes lesser energy as well. That’s because the technology works at smaller distances. Hence, it is possible to implement Bluetooth technology on battery-enabled devices practically. Moreover, exchanging information via Bluetooth is safe as well. That’s because there is no possibility of intercepting the Bluetooth signal and hijacking the user’s data.

The future of Bluetooth technology

According to tech experts, Bluetooth technology has not yet seen its peak success. The demand for Bluetooth technology continues to rise among many different applications. Even IoT companies invest heavily in Bluetooth and use it for multiple applications. Along with the help of Bluetooth, it would be possible to make factories and workplaces smarter. On top of that, improved versions of Bluetooth would come out along with enhanced data transferring rates.

Bluetooth has been a tried and true technology that has many use cases, that still meets demands of the home and workplace today. The future of Bluetooth is bright, and is not going away in our near-future.