BeReal, The Social App Challenging The Status Quo

If you were to ask what the most popular social media app is, you would likely hear TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram as an answer. However, a new app is climbing its way to the spotlight. BeReal is an attempt to stray away from the norm by showing its users a peek into the reality of others’ lives.

The new app BeReal is the latest social media platform to make waves in the space, and it does so uniquely. Rather than being able to upload any picture of yourself at any time of the day, BeReal makes you genuine. On BeReal, you get notified to take a picture at random times of the day and be provided with only 2 minutes to do so.

Better yet, BeReal takes a picture using both the front and back camera – so no faking where you are! Additionally, those not taking pictures will not be able to view their photo until they take one themselves. If someone opts to take a picture after the 2-minute allowance, BeReal will display how late that user was to take their photo.

The goal of BeReal is to encourage more genuine interaction within social media. No filters, no old pictures from a vacation you took a year ago, no spamming the feeds with a 20-image photo dump, just you being who you are. As an attempt to break the mold that social media currently upholds where media is used as nothing more than a highlight reel of their lives and bring the human element back to social media to “discover who your friends are in their daily life”.