Community Gathers In Memory Of Teen Who Passed Away In Car Crash

By Thomas Kwan

The community in the Poconos gathered in memory of the 17-year-old who tragically passed away in a car crash on Route 447 last week.

Cresco, Monroe County | In the Poconos, the community gathered to commemorate the 17-year-old Matthew Haines, who passed away on Route 447 after a car accident last week; the community lined their cars outside their Price Township home to share their experiences and memories of this young man.

Friends and family had this to say, according to WBRE:

“All he cared about was making people laugh and smile, and he was so full of life,” said Alyssa Haine’s sister of Matthew.

Alyssa hugged friends and family who came to their residence to talk about the positive impact that Matthew had made on the lives of everyone he knew.

To have the most unimaginable heart-wrenching thing happen and just to have all this love, there’s no words. There’s no words,” said Alyssa.

The rest of his family said Matthew was on the East Stroudsburg South High School Football team and loved to make people laugh, often joking around. According to Eyewitness News, the family is shocked at the amount of support they received. Matthew had left his mark on their lives, bringing them together Friday in his memory.

I’m still waiting for my brother to come home, but to see all these people here means the world,” said Casey Haines, Matthew’s brother. “The tow company tore up our check for the accident like everyone’s been so great.

He just literally brings life to you and I mean he keeps that up regardless even though he’s not here, he’s still showing that he’s able to bring people together and just show all this love just from him,” explained Audrey

Lightner, Matthew’s sister.

Roughly $15,000 was raised for the family of Matthew Haines.

If you want to donate to help, you can by checking out the families’ fundraiser.