PennDOT Is Giving Suspended Drivers A Second Chance

‚ÄčOn August 16, 2022, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced drivers facing a suspension due to numerous points on their driving records or conviction of excessive speeding now have a second chance. 

Suspended drivers or drivers facing suspension can now redeem themselves by completing the newly-instituted Driver Improvement School (DIS) offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This training program will allow offers, 

This new training program offers people whose driving privileges are in jeopardy a chance to avoid losing their license,” said PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian. 

For many, losing the ability to legally operate a motor vehicle means not just a loss of mobility, but a loss of income and independence as well.”

PennDOT Suspended Drivers Program

Convicted drivers of particular moving violations, points are assigned to their record, according to PennDOT. If those who have their records put below six points, or for the second time a conviction of excessive speeding, the driver has to attend a PennDot hearing. At this hearing, the driver meets with the Driver Safety Examiner (DSE), then their driving record and habits are reviewed and discussed. After the hearing, they decide whether the person benefits most from serving a 15-day suspension or attending PennDOT’s DIS. The choice is to ensure the driver makes better decisions and habits while driving.

What Happens If I Complete The Suspended Drivers Program?

When they complete the DIS due to their record showing for the second time in a row, with as many as six points, they will have two points removed from their record and avoid the 15-day suspension.

What Happens If I Fail The Suspended Drivers Program?

If the person does not complete the DIS or fails to show up, they will be required to serve a 60-day driver’s license suspension. Suspended drivers will be penalized if they enroll in the course and do not finish.

What Is The Goal Of The Suspended Driver Program?

The DIS class education focuses on safety and addresses poor driver behaviors and judgment exhibited in “high risk” drivers, according to PennDOT. This six-hour course focuses on educating and assisting problematic drivers, identifying the route cause of why they engage in risky driving behavior. They will learn strategies for modifying their “high risk” behavior and be assisted in improving their driving habits to prevent future violations and crashes.

Suspended drivers, will now have a chance to earn back what they lost, or at the very least remove points from their license with the new program. Now suspended drivers have an alternative other than just waiting the suspension out.

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Visit the Driver Improvement School page on the Driver and Vehicle Services website.