Birchrock Capital Helps Us Understand the Basics of Crypto

Pocono Update has had the pleasure of sitting down with Birchrock Capital CEO and Founder Donald Bradley. 

The cryptocurrency landscape is a fairly new – and possibly frightening – market for investors. In our interview, Donald answers some common questions that newcomers to the world of crypto often have. These questions include what beginners need to know about the crypto space, what exactly crypto is, and how crypto can be used to return us to a more stable form of currency. In great detail, Donald answers these questions and many more, even talking about what Birchrock can personally do to help those entering the world of digital assets get their footing. 

Watch our interview with Donald here.

About Birchrock Capital

Birchrock Capital is an investment management and consulting firm specializing in cryptocurrency for both institutional and retail clients. Birchrock assists clients with research, custodial actions for digital assets, and building a strong and diversified portfolio.

Birchrock recognizes that cryptocurrency and affiliated digital assets can be difficult to understand, especially with the vast amount of cryptocurrencies that are currently available. Due to this, Birchrock makes it a priority to help educate their clients on the crypto space in simple terms so that they can create a strong portfolio with the help of Birchrock’s insight.  

Birchrock Capital believes in creating a relationship with its clients. Clients of Birchrock can expect 1-on-1 consultations and continuous support, as well as complete transparency of client portfolios – allowing a client to see how their portfolio is structured at any given time.

Phone: (570) 500-5147