Brushfires Rage On In Monroe County

According to the Department Of Environmental Protection(DEP), we have been under this warning intermittently for the past three weeks. How did we get here? According to a DNCR Bureau of Forestry report, residents intentionally set fires leaving an accumulated 16-mile stretch of trees destroyed in its wake. Even though the DNCR is in charge of protecting the forest and its wildlife, it is imperative to do our part to prevent fires.

According to Pocono’s Traffic Alerts & Incidents a group that tracks these wildfires, the following places have been affected in 3 days:

*Large Working Brushfire near the Shooting Range of the Hunt Club at 1127 Station Hill Rd & Browns Hill Rd Henryville, Paradise Township.

*Brushfire occurring near 2136 Vacation Ln – Stillwater Lakes Civic Coolbaugh Township.

*Brushfire occurring near 181 Tepee Dr – Arrowhead Lakes Pocono Lake, Coolbaugh Township;.

*Brushfire occurring near 337 Wooddale Rd East Stroudsburg, Price Township.

*Brushfire between two Houses 45 Lakeview Dr –

Albrightsville, Tunkhannock Township.

*Large Working Brushfire – Endangering a barn with horses on Red 112 Hilltop Cir & 558 Red Rock Rd Cresco, Paradise Township.

*Brushfire about 50ft from the Residence 400 Block of Tranquility Ct Long Pond, Tunkhannock Township burning for 1456hrs and is currently under control.

*Large Brushfire – The caller was burning cardboard in a Fire Pit, and the Wind blew some ashes into the woods at 7300 Block of Moss Dr. Swiftwater, Pocono Township.

*Brushfire occurring at 1320 Resica Falls Rd East Stroudsburg Middle Smithfield Township.

*Brushfire occurring at 141 Linda Ln Hamilton Township.

Burning leaves and other debris is illegal in many parts of Pennsylvania, including right here in Monroe County. Information on local municipalities’ burning ordinances is available at the following links:

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