Zoning Ordinance Threatening To Devastate Environment Passes

The Tobyhanna Township Board of Supervisors held their Regular Business Meeting today. Dozens of residents voiced concerns over a proposed amendment to ‘Country Resorts’ zoning ordinance 568. The amendment opens space/ wetland conservation districts to future commercial development.

Emotions ran high during public comment as around thirty concerned residents stood united to voice their opposition and plead with the board to reject a planned amendment allowing commercial development in specially protected conservation districts and its precedent for future development.

Lifelong resident of Tobyhanna Township, Sam Lisk, cited environmental concerns, “Zoning laws will permanently alter this incredibly diverse landscape and literally pave the way for other developer projects. Your choices today will change the landscape and the way this mountain functions forever.” Lisk referenced a video that surfaced over the weekend of two large black bears seen fighting on Stoney Hollow Road, suggesting that this was due to development diminishing their territorial areas, food supply, and general space.

Jeffry Best, who is currently having a house built in the area, offered an alternative solution by saying, “The only argument against building this in a resort space is that a resort space is required to have a minimum of a 250-rooms. It will be easier to change that, to reduce the number of rooms in a resort space, than to destroy all of your open space.”

Despite the public outcry and pleas for alternate action, the motion to adopt the amendments to Ordinance 568, Tobyhanna Supervisors passed the measure angering residents. The vote was met by boos and some chants of “Shame.”

A link to the amendment could be found here: https://files.constantcontact.com/26b761ce201/3286bf70-8e9d-4f68-9d8b-431703df7c67.pdf

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