Don’t Miss Out | Buck Supermoon Will Be The Largest Full Moon This Year

The Buck moon on July 13 will be the most massive and brightest supermoon this year.

Buck Moon is the name the July supermoon goes by according to the Farmer’s Almanac, male deer known as bucks will have fully grown antlers at this time, with each regrowing antler becoming grander year after year. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, other names the July supermoon goes by are animal-related, including Feather Moulting Moon (Cree) and Salmon Moon, a Tlingit term indicating when the fish would return for the natives to harvest. This supermoon will be at its closest point to Earth in 2022, arriving just after sunrise at 5 a.m EDT, according to Just 200km closer to Earth than the most recent Strawberry moon, with the moon being officially full 9 hours and 38 mins later.

According to, the supermoon will appear 14% larger than it would under usual circumstances and be this year’s biggest moon. Usually happening during the sunrise and sunset hours of the day, the brightness of this supermoon will have an average of 30% additional brightness compared to other moons at the farthest point from Earth. Supermoons sometimes appear three times a year, while others have four, like this year, with as many as five supermoons from 2029 until 2033. On the way next month on Aug 11, another supermoon is coming if you miss this one due to clouds or other visual anomalies blocking your view.  

Viewing The Moon

Although you can see the biggest supermoon of the year with your naked eyes or a set of binoculars, you might also be interested in capturing the moment with a DSLR camera or smartphone if desired.

If you use apps like Sky Tonight, it will allow you to know the specifications of the full moon at your location apps will even allow you to view the lunar disk.

Tips on using your phone or DSLR camera to capture the moment:

  • Smartphone | When taking pictures with your smartphone, set your exposure time intervals to 10-30 seconds to create the best photo with the highest visual fidelity, your smartphone camera to night mode if possible. If you capture more light through the lens.
  • DSLR | When using a DSLR camera, you should set the exposure time from 20-30 seconds.
  • Achieve the most authentic require you to light the foreground with a flashlight, or using the camera’s flash will make your picture capture the moment as if viewers were right there.  

Remember that this size moon is a rarity and the biggest supermoon event of 2022. Don’t miss out on this year’s Buck moon.