Don’t Miss Out | Moonlight White Water Rafting In The Poconos

Whitewater rafting is an excellent way to experience the Pocono’s natural splendor, with many options available to residents and tourists, moonlight white water rafting, group and family adventures, and even kayaking.

Pocono Whitewater is a Jim Thorpe, PA, based rafting and kayaking experience in connection with the Pennsylvania Department Of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). They have multiple adventures to offer locals and tourists wanting to experience the magnificent beauty of the wooded Poconos.

Moonlight Rafting Adventures is on specific dates from now through September. A personal guide will help you navigate the moonlit waters creating a fun and easy-going experience. Enjoy the moon, stars, the sound of nothing but nature, rushing waters, an intimate experience with the partner or group you go with, and the Poconos natural environment without all the noise experienced during the daytime.  

According to Pocono Whitewater, these options include:

  • Moonlight Rafting Adventures is for the stargazers who are teenagers or adults looking for a more ambient experience on the river. A guide will help you navigate the rapids. While under the light of the moon, fireflies and stars will leave you in awe.
  • Dam Release Whitewater rafting has 12 miles of rafting, 4-5 hours of class 2 and 3 whitewater rafting, and beautiful scenery to enjoy on the Lehigh River, including 17 sets of rapids and considered the best experience in Pennsylvania.
  • Family Style Whitewater rafting is a more casual experience, a 4-5 hour 8 mile long trip with only class 1 and 2 rapids ideal for amateurs and young children.
  • Big Day Out is a multisport experience that includes a 23-mile bike ride wedged between 1000-foot tall walls of Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail, followed by a scenic hike, and ending with a rafting trip that takes you down past 18th-century ruins of dams, locks, and dwellings.
  • 2-Day Battles and Paddles is an adrenaline-fueled experience for those looking for a way to get their blood pumping and their bodies wet. You will battle at skirmish paintball and raft down the river for one killer pricer.  
  • Youth and Student Group Adventures are tailored towards kids and students, accommodating groups in a safe yet fun experience allowing the kids to get healthy exercise while learning about the Lehigh River.
  • Pocono Pirate Rafting is for the kids and family, yo ho buccaneers as you ride your rafts equipped with water cannons on custom-designed pirate ship-styled rafts for fun you won’t find anywhere else. As you sail down the river, you will be battling it out, either between your own family in groups or other families, including an all-you-can-eat Riverside Barbecue Lunch.

Information provided by Pocono Whitewater

Private Moonlight Rafting adventures are available to groups of 10 or more people mid-week.

Moonlight Rafting

Dates: July 3rd, 23rd | August 6th | September 4th

Location: Pocono Whitewater | 1519 State Route 903 Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Price Per Individual: $99.99 (ages 13 & up)

Phone: 1-800-WHITEWATER (1-800-944-8392)

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