Don’t Push Your Luck with Push Mowers

You might have noticed that your grass is growing rather rapidly this time of year. Mowing the lawn is a dreadful and tedious task for many of us. Sure, there are those who love gardening and maintaining their lawn, but the truth is that there are probably more of us that would rather do something else.

Let’s face facts: a well-maintained lawn is often a requirement in most communities. So it’s all about getting that huge piece of equipment out of the shed or garage, hoping it didn’t leak any fluids, and then praying that it actually starts up and will run. Hope is sometimes all there is because the local lawnmower repair shop could likely be booked for a few weeks or longer. Also, consider the monetary factor: how much to spend on lawn mower maintenance versus hiring someone to do it each week. Who really wants to buy a new lawnmower?

Hiring a professional lawn care service may seem costly, but it is definitely the most hassle-free solution;  if there’s one visiting your community every week to mow a neighbor’s lawn, it might not be a bad idea to talk to them about adding your lawn to the itinerary for future visits. Hiring a teenager has the additional benefits of rewarding a young person for their work ethic. Of course, the real benefit of using these options is clear: mowing the lawn each week can be a pain.

When mowing the lawn yourself, lugging the awkwardly-shaped machine is one thing, but getting that push mower back to working order is another. While you may not be a mechanic or familiar with lawnmowers, giving your lawnmower a little TLC at the start of the growing season will save you both time and money in the long run. Start by sharpening the mower blades. Then, do some basic maintenance tasks like changing the spark plug and the air filter. Lastly, buy fresh gas if the mower has been sitting for a while. These steps are relatively simple, even for those that are not mechanically inclined.

Make sure the lawn is dry before you mow, and then set your mower to its highest settings, especially if it has been a while since you’ve done this. It’s also important to vary your lawn mowing pattern over the course of the season. This ensures that the tires will take a different track each time because if the soil is too compact, weeds will grow in the bare spots that are left.

Unless you’ve fired a lawn care contractor to mow your lawn each week, having a set schedule when mowing your lawn might not be a good idea. In the late spring, the grass will grow quicker, but as fall approaches, you can take a bit more time off from all this hard work as the grass will grow much slower. Another good way to not overwork yourself is to just leave the grass clippings right there on the lawn. After all, they can provide extra nutrients to enrich the solid for a more beautiful lawn, while also allowing you to head back inside and grab that beer you’ve saved as your reward for finishing.

While yard work is not for everyone, mowing the lawn is essential: it’s the fulfillment of the bare minimum of work that must be done to keep shut down the complaints of annoying neighbors and community managers.

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